E-mail : liu.chienwei@gmail.com

Liu Chien Wei’s was born inMiaoli,Taiwan, now lives and works in Berlin.
In 2009, he accomplished
his degree Master of Fine Art, postgraduate studies at National Taiwan
University of Arts. In 2013,
he attended the National Dresden Art Academy for Meisterschulerstudium.
His works often search for a gap in which allows an artist to intervene,
through exploringmateriality’s expansion into the environment and the
interaction between body and materiality. Through
the act of physical presence and its labeling and indication, Liu puts the
body alongside with the installation of object and space in an attempt to
seep through the symbolic system thatcarriesaculturalcontext.
During such process, the artist’s body is constantly in the state of flow
and expansion.
2013-08-16 2013 ARTinNATURE 6th Art Project
2013-07-15 2013 ARTinNATURE 5th Art Project
2013-05-28 2013 ARTinNATURE 4th Art Project
2013-02-15 '문화매거진 머지'에 소개 된 <꽃마을 아트 캠프>
2012-11-10 2012 8th Flower village International Nature Art Festival 참여
2011-11-20 '문화매거진 머지'에 소개된 <부산꽃마을국제자연예술제> 참여
2011-11-10 2011 7th Flower village International Nature Art Festival 참여
2010-11-20 '문화매거진 머지'에 소개된 <부산꽃마을국제자연예술제> 참여