E-mail : sunrisesunrise@i.softbank.jp

born and raised in Kyoto.
my introduction to music was Wadaiko, the Japanese Drums, and was
inspired with its deep sound.
started Drum set in High School, then met Djembe while traveling in Spain,
realising the possibilities of people connecting through music despite the
race, language, or culture. ever since, my journey started; looking to find
the sound that touches my soul. “Sound has no border”
“We are made of Water” 70% of the Earth is water, and so are we.
inspired by the work of Dr. Emoto Masaru, who presented the affect of
vibration or consciousness which changes the shape of water crystals,
born was the Hadouram, letting the audience feel the change of water
vibrations. re-directing our eyes or ears to its simple beauty and
playfulness of the Water.
my most recent work includes the sound used in the Korean Expo,
as well as Pre-natal Music, and Sound Healing Workshops. internationally
traveling for performance such as Sound Installation in France,
opening act for the Environmental Art Residence Project in Cameroon,
tours in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaidzhan, Georgia...to name a few.
collaborating with Butoh Dancers, Belly Dancers, Fire Dancers, and Painters.
on- going in act, searching for the possibilities, origin, and principles of the
Sound and Instruments
2013-08-16 2013 ARTinNATURE 6th Art Project
2013-07-15 2013 ARTinNATURE 5th Art Project
2013-05-28 2013 ARTinNATURE 4th Art Project
2013-02-15 '문화매거진 머지'에 소개 된 <꽃마을 아트 캠프>
2012-11-10 2012 8th Flower village International Nature Art Festival 참여
2011-11-20 '문화매거진 머지'에 소개된 <부산꽃마을국제자연예술제> 참여
2011-11-10 2011 7th Flower village International Nature Art Festival 참여
2010-11-20 '문화매거진 머지'에 소개된 <부산꽃마을국제자연예술제> 참여