E-mail : go.pumpking@gmail.com

GO YOSHINAGA is a dancer, choreographer.
He was born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1985.
PUMPKING / The Physical Poets / SQDAND(South-Kyusyu Dance Do-ko-kai)
member. In 2003, He started learning Hip Hop, House, Locking, Popping,
b-boying and other dance generally in Osaka. In the process,
he had gotten new stimulation, points of view and consciousness
by meeting various kinds of dance and music and encountering people
through all kinds of strokes of luck.
He working on collaboration with many musicians, dancer and
other variety artists to give the performance for time and for dyeing space.
As a producer, he has worked to plan and execute art events
“EURORA”, “jipong”, “PUMPKING no ko-en”, “irotoridori” etc..
2013-08-16 2013 ARTinNATURE 6th Art Project
2013-07-15 2013 ARTinNATURE 5th Art Project
2013-05-28 2013 ARTinNATURE 4th Art Project
2013-02-15 '문화매거진 머지'에 소개 된 <꽃마을 아트 캠프>
2012-11-10 2012 8th Flower village International Nature Art Festival 참여
2011-11-20 '문화매거진 머지'에 소개된 <부산꽃마을국제자연예술제> 참여
2011-11-10 2011 7th Flower village International Nature Art Festival 참여
2010-11-20 '문화매거진 머지'에 소개된 <부산꽃마을국제자연예술제> 참여